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Tire Service

At Levittown Road Rescue we are here for you in the event of a flat tire. On our Long Island Roads, there are often when debris, nails, road obstacles, and yes, potholes, can cause a tire blowout or flat. While you may be able to change the tire yourself, using the equipment tucked away in the trunk of your car- that you've probably never used before, why bother? Let us help you. Let us make your day- let us change the tire or transport your vehicle to a safe place and have it changed there. We'll deliver your vehicle to any service station of your choice or we can recommend one in the area. 

Driving On A Flat? 

Levittown Road Rescue is your service and local, reliable Auto Transport and Flat Tire Repair in our hometown of Levittown, NY. 

We at Levittown Road Rescue know that unexpected tire problems can leave you stuck and unhappy but don't disappear, we are here for you. 
You might be tempted to drive on a flat tire, but don't, pull over right away and call for roadside assistance, we are here for you. Driving on a flat tire can ruin the rim of your car, very quickly. The rim, while made of metal (or aluminum) might seem strong, but the weight of the car can bend the rim, or create chips in the edges. If bent or with chips, the rim can't be used for a new tire. Chips and bent rims can allow air to leak out from the side of the tire, causing the air to leak out. 
You may not see a nail in your tire or know the cause of the flat. Sometimes it's due to hitting a pothole which causes the bead of the tire to detach from the rim. If your rim is older, sometimes rust or debris can find its way into the area between the metal of the rim and the rubber of the tire. When this happens it can cause air to leak out... it could be a slow leak where you find the air low after leaving the car parked for some time. 
Again, either way, driving on the flat can do damage to the rim, and also the tire. 
Quite often, a tire can be repaired by a reliable shop. A patch can be applied or a rubber inset if it is a small puncture, however, if you drive on a tire that is low, even for a minute or a few feet, the rim could cut into the sidewall making it impossible to repair. Don't take the risk, call us for a quick and speedy tire change or transportation- you'll end up saving your tire your rim, and money. 

Flat Tire Repair 24/7

Around-the-clock Emergency Assistance: Driving home late from the night shift? Returning to the area after visiting family? Many times we find ourselves on the road late at night, and many times a flat tire doesn't wait until it's a convenient time to show up- or when you are right near a tire repair shop. Flat tires can happen at any time, that's why we are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 
We come to your location. Our staff is available to help you whenever and wherever you need it. Call us and we'll get you on the road as soon as possible and you can get home and back into bed.
Toyota, Honda, Mercedes, Jeep or Subaru, it doesn't matter what type of vehicle you are driving, we're here to help you. 

Flat Tire Towing

Flat Tire Towing: Our towing services are available to you when your car has a flat tire and cannot be driven and if a spare tire can't be put on the vehicle due to the vehicle's location. Safety is our priority, and it should be yours. Often a tire change on the side of the road doesn't make sense and in some situations, we recommend transporting the vehicle to another location.
Today's vehicles are also equipped with "run flat tires" which can be deceiving. Sure you can drive them for short distances, say to the side of the road, which makes them safer, but you can't drive them for long. Run flat tires simply means that the sidewalls of the tire are made of thicker rubber which when the tire is out of air will support the vehicle for a short run. Run flat tires are really good to have on your vehicle because if you get a flat while driving you can still control the vehicle, rather than the tire going completely flat quickly. The loss of a tire can cause difficulty of steering the vehicle which in some cases can lead to an accident. 
Our flatbed towing service guarantees damage-free transportation for vehicles that have special demands or require particular attention. Our flatbed truck will safely load your car, giving you a dependable way to handle flat tire problems.

What Makes Us Best 

Quick Reaction: We recognize how urgent flat tire situations may be and we are here for you in the Levittown and surrounding communities. Our staff is dedicated to responding to your call as soon as possible so you can resume driving.
Expert experts: Our experts have extensive training and expertise in handling flat tire repairs and towing cars. You can rely on us to treat your car with the highest care. 
Affordable Solutions: We are committed to providing top-notch services at reasonable prices. We guarantee that there are no surprises or hidden costs with our upfront pricing, so you always know precisely what you're going to pay.

Our Service Area

Serving not only our hometown of Levittown but also the surrounding towns with pride is our mission at Levittown Road Rescue. Our mission is to become your go-to partner for vehicle transportation and flat tire help, providing dependable services when you need them most.
Contact us at Levittown Road Rescue for quick, trustworthy flat tire repair and car transportation services to avoid having a flat tire ruin your day. We are here to assist you in confidently getting back on the road!

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